Using a Raspberry PI as a Kiosk for Home Assistant or Grafana

At the start of this year I bought the house I had been renting for the previous 14 years and since then I’ve been busy doing things like renovating and automating it.

How I’ve done that will be in a separate series of blog entries, however at it’s heart is a Raspberry PI 4B with the official touch screen mounted at the top of a wall in the Kitchen running Home Assistant.

I also have a larger monitor mounted on a wall in my home office which has a Raspberry PI 2B which shows a Grafana dashboard for monitoring my home systems.

In both instances they are running as a kiosk so that when they boot up they automatically open a browser on a fixed page.

This guide covers how to setup a PI from scratch into a simple kiosk.

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Setting up a compute node

In this article I will go through the setting up of a compute node in the cluster from configuring it on the network, adding storage on the NAS and configuring docker.

Although these instructions are for the Raspberry PI, they are also used for other node types

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Setting up a compute cluster

In recent months I’ve been setting up a new cluster at home to replace some of the hosts I have in the cloud. This has become more important as one of the hosts I use is removing support some of the types of server that I use with the aim of removing them completely later in the year. Unfortunately there are currently no other providers out there that provide similar servers are a similar price so I took the decision to migrate some of the services which don’t need to be external back in-house.

The new cluster in custom 3D printed racking

So this is the beginning of a series of articles on that migration process including setting up the various nodes in the cluster, how they are managed & how they are racked so that they don’t take up much space.

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