Setting up a compute cluster

In recent months I’ve been setting up a new cluster at home to replace some of the hosts I have in the cloud. This has become more important as one of the hosts I use is removing support some of the types of server that I use with the aim of removing them completely later in the year. Unfortunately there are currently no other providers out there that provide similar servers are a similar price so I took the decision to migrate some of the services which don’t need to be external back in-house.

The new cluster in custom 3D printed racking

So this is the beginning of a series of articles on that migration process including setting up the various nodes in the cluster, how they are managed & how they are racked so that they don’t take up much space.


The articles for this series will appear under here. I will structure the entries here so that they relate to each other but this will not match the order they are published.

Author: petermount1

Prolific Open Source developer who also works in the online gaming industry during the day. Develops in Java, Go, Python & any other language as necessary. Still develops on retro machines like BBC Micro & Amiga A1200

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