Whoopsie & how to disable it on Ubuntu 12.04 or Mint 13

New in Ubuntu 12.04 is whoopsie – which sends a crash log to ubuntu. Nice feature? Well no as they don’t tell you about it nor to they ask you, they just do it.

Nice privacy issue guys.

To tell if you have it check the file /etc/default/whoopsie


If you see that then it’s enabled. You’ll also see a process running called whoopsie as well.

To turn it off just change it from true to false & kill the whoopsie process (or reboot).

Note this affects any distribution based on Ubuntu 12.04 including Mint 13 so check you are not infected by whoopsie.

Author: petermount1

Prolific Open Source developer who also works in the online gaming industry during the day. Develops in Java, Go, Python & any other language as necessary. Still develops on retro machines like BBC Micro & Amiga A1200

9 thoughts on “Whoopsie & how to disable it on Ubuntu 12.04 or Mint 13”

  1. Sending crash logs to Ubuntu is fine by me… I just wish they would give the crash logs to me too, as I am having problems with the system freezing up (requiring a hard reboot)! Maybe I could actually diagnose the problem that way!

  2. Sending crash logs to Ubuntu is fine by me… I just wish they would send them to me too! (I am having a problem with my system freezing up, requiring a hard reboot — maybe a crash log, if there was one, would help me diagnose it.)

  3. You can just stop the service… that would not remove it, and it would start up again the next time you reboot, but this way you have the option to run it later if you want.

    sudo service whoopsie stop

  4. Thanks for the tip. Not a huge privacy glitch but very much NOT an open / transparent setting. Is there any place to see these crash log files to see what actually gets sent?

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