It’s been a busy couple of months

It’s been a couple of busy months with most of my time being taken up with my day job.

Most of my time has been spent with either tracking down issues with our live environment, or trying to finish off a couple major projects (both related to XMPP) interspersed with the usual major partner getting in the way.

Any how, over the last couple of weeks I’ve been finishing off some new features which cover most of my public projects and this post will hopefully cover some of the details.

Hopefully these will be released this weekend, time allowing.

The new features are:

* the builder api within retepTools has been updated
* the jaxb plugin library has been cleaned up with common generation code split out to enable reuse
* retepTools as a project is almost ready for deployment to maven central
* a new pligun has been added to jaxb which generates builders for jaxb objects

* spring has been updated to the latest version 3 (it was on 2.5)
* the core module has been broken up into individual & independent modules
* a new groovy module which enables groovy scripts to be run from the command line
* a major bug fix where exceptions thrown during application startup causes the process to hang has been fixed
* web applications can now be deployed as a war with either jetty or tomcat (they are both supported with their own modules)
* you can now embed Apache Derby within the environment

I’m leaving out the retepXMPP changes out of this list as they need their own article. Suffice it to say, I’ve got a lot waiting for release, just need the time.

Finally, this post is also a test of submitting a blog post from a BlackBerry using the WordPress app so the formatting may be off a tad – won’t know how it goes until I see it in a real browser.

Author: petermount1

Prolific Open Source developer who also works in the online gaming industry during the day. Develops in Java, Go, Python & any other language as necessary. Still develops on retro machines like BBC Micro & Amiga A1200

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