Moving away from Kenai

As is commonly known, Oracle have finally taken over Sun and yesterday they announced what they are intending to do with the various services provided by Sun.

Unfortunately one of those announcements was that they were withdrawing the Kenai project from public use at some point in the near future. This is a pity because the Kenai project was becoming one of the more useful forges out there.

During today there’s been a lot of forum activity on the kenai site from a lot of project owners about what to do in migrating away, including myself.

So, after a good year of being hosted on kenai I’m now faced with moving to yet another forge – but where to go and what’s going to be involved?

Well the steps needed are (in order of importance):

  1. Move the source repositories
  2. Move the maven repository
  3. Move the jira issues
  4. Change all links to the new location(s).

As an initial measure I’ve mirrored the mercurial repositories on bitbucket so at least they are mirrored elsewhere. One of mercurial’s features is being distributed so that was relatively painless.

The next two are tricky so I’m still researching them, but they all depend on what forge to use. I’ve used sourceforge in the distant past so I don’t want to go back to them, and although bitbucket does have wiki and a tracker – it’s not jira.

Anyhow here’s the new repo information for the bitbucket mirrors:


As soon as I’ll have more information I’ll make another post here, on twitter and on

    Author: petermount1

    Prolific Open Source developer who also works in the online gaming industry during the day. Develops in Java, Go, Python & any other language as necessary. Still develops on retro machines like BBC Micro & Amiga A1200

    One thought on “Moving away from Kenai”

    1. I don’t quite get your cnoemmt, but if you are trying to redirect a domain name to another site, my plugin will not work for that situation.

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